Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Creators, Founders...join us to get steps, strategies and ideas to create success NOW!

Understanding exactly WHO your dream CLIENT is, discovering WHERE they’re congregating, and throwing out hooks that will grab their attention to pull them into your sales funnel, your group or your page – where you can tell them a story and make them an offer is CRUCIAL to get more of your ideal clients!!!

And that’s the big secret…

NEXT COURSE STARTS ON MONDAY 12th of October 2020 at 8.AM AWST

The Advance Your Business is yours for ONLY $1997 (Normally $2997 + BONUSES valued at $2388)​

8 week immersive coaching program with a BONUS of half-day workshop, Advance Your Business, is delivered through  online interactive classes and webinars. Every Monday is a live session and every Friday a Q&A session. All classes will be recorded and available to everyone in the course.


  • Develop and Increase the confidence about your expertise and skills
  • Build awareness around how you are creating your reality and success and how you can change the outcome through knowing new mindset tools
  • Create a high quality business relationship with your ideal clients
  • Identify where and who is your Ideal Client and target audience
  • Create Your Entry and High ticket offer
  • Sign up your New Clients through implementation of new business system
  • Create your dreamed financial results and learn step by step system to take your business to the next level….

The Advance Your Business is yours for ONLY $1997 (Normally $2997 + BONUSES valued at $2388)

Take your business from zero to 6 figures & beyond. Start NOW! Don't waste any more time!

We have our mentors and industry leaders come to join us in our live weekly classes and give you a framework to lift up your business and life.

You will get framework to:

shift your mindset

strengthen your focus

understand who you are and what you are

identify your purpose and your genius zone

create your entry and high ticket offer

identify your ideal client & audience 

get more leads 

create your unique marketing message & signature talk

digitalise your product & virtualise your events

clarify your landing page structure and content

convert your ideal potential clients into paying customers

lead generation strategy & customer journey

increase your ability to sell 

Design the LIFE you want!

Your knowledge, skill set, your network and relationships are a huge capital you have right NOW.

Only thing that is usually missing, is self-confidence and SYSTEMS. Connect, learn and up-skill together. Let’s create your future together that you can quickly adapt and increase your sales in the “new normal.”

Remember, you need to be ahead and do it NOW. You will come out from this crisis: up-skilled, prepared, innovative, rich in knowledge and prosperous. Just do it and use all your energy to build something amazing!

We are here to help you, navigate you and take you step by step to build your 6 figures business and beyond!

To bring our business digital and make our events virtual it can be challenging.

We have experts in their field in our program and they will guide you to grow your business organically and through paid advertisement. All depends on your budget.

This is highly interactive course that help you to get clear on what you should do RIGHT NOW in each area of your life and how to take your business ONLINE and not loose your business and income. 

As leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners we solve problems…..and we are needed more than ever!

We need to connect and show people how to do it!


The Advance Your Business is yours for ONLY $1997 (Normally $2997+ BONUSES valued at $2388)​


I saw so many people get scared and worried. I saw as well so many people to grow and shift their mindset and business. The question is: Where would you like to be in the future, when the crisis will finish? Would you like to come out from this crisis smarter, better, successful or sad, destroyed financially and mentally and left behind?

be part of a huge movement! Let’s up-skill together let’s work together and change in this crisis – adapt to “new normal” and show people they can do it too. Let’s show everyone the crisis is inspiration and great challenge to grow! We are here to help each other, share and connect!

Alexandra is visionary and has the quality to bring out the best in people and uncover their potential. She has more than 17 years entrepreneural experience in sectors ranging from events, catering, sport industry, tourism to business and leadership mentoring. She grew her own five businesses in a range of different global markets including Europe, Thailand, Bahamas and now Australia.

She worked with a few great names in various industry and helped people to grow their personal life and business!

You can contact her directly on: tme@thementoringeffect.com


You will need to block 60 to 90 minutes every week for masterclass and half day workshop at the end of the course. You will need approximately 3 to 4 hours a week to implement the strategies into practice.

Absolutely. If you feel like the program didn’t fulfil your expectations and you didn’t achieve any growth and any business results don’t worry. Please just send an email on tme@thementoringeffect.com and we will refund the full amount.

Masterclasses are held weekly on Monday 8 AM AWST time zone starts on 12.10.2020 and half day workshop is on Monday 7.12.2020.

No stress. We created a membership area for you. You will have an access to weekly recorded masterclasses through our website. You will receive your membership login and password after the first week of the program.

Yes, we recommend to be part of our community to receive full support and accountability from all program members and to experience the program fully. If you can’t make it happened you will still receive all  information via emails and during the masterclasses.

Yes you will have an access to trainers and coaches during the weekly masterclass, workshop and also in Facebook group. You will get a chance to be coach during the program and you can ask questions anytime in our group. We also offer one-one one coaching at the end of the program for people they would like to continue working with us. 

The Advance Your Business is yours for ONLY $1997 (Normally $2997+ BONUSES valued at $2388)​


  • Experience personal transformation and explore the science of transformation
  • Understand how the transformation happened to you to be able to implement the tools in your everyday life
  • Uncover & Unblock limiting beliefs they are stopping you from success
  • Become The Entrepreneur everyone thinks is “A Natural Born”
  • Uncover your real purpose and full potential
  • Explore who is your ideal client and target audience for each campaign
  • Discover how to attract your audience 
  • Get clear on problems and solutions you offer
  • Explore how to deliver clarity, bring certainty and get your client excited about the next step
  • Write the winning story and copy for your posts and ads
  • Discover how to create an effective lead magnet that attracts “the one”
  • Design your first branded lead magnet
  • Unpack how to to build irresistible entry offer and your high level or high ticket offer
  • Learn how to create invitations to your offer and write the script to you videos or webinars following record-breaking models and best practices
  • Rise Above the noise with proven Tools & Strategies
  • Prepare your best and high converting landing page 
  • Discover new sales techniques they will help you to sell and never sound salesy again 
  • Create a proven step by step sales system that allows you to increase your sales and wok with clients you love to work with
  • Transform your business by implementing critical alignment model into your business
  • Create your KPIs and measurable 90 days plan
  • Practical workshop where you will put all learnings together into your landing page, marketing copy and story 
  • Practical implementation of your 3 level OFFER
  •  Practical and interactive sales exercises to learn how to increase emotional connection to your clients desire
  • Launch your business  or your product/service online


Access to community and coaches during the whole course via Facebook group and messenger valued at $597

Access to group coaching and Q&A sessions during the program valued at $397

FOR FIRST 10 PEOPLE in the course. (More info coming soon)

Ticket to our one day event with amazing speakers and guest experts from various industries in 2021 valued at $397


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$ 257 8 Payments
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One Time Payment
$ 1997 Save $59
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