The Ultimate In High Performance!

#thementoringeeffect Quantum Leap Program


  • Become more consistent and accountable to yourself
  • Recognise the areas where you need to give more focused attention
  • Manage your time much better than before with no distractions
  • stop procrastination
  • Build conscious awareness of when you are just wasting your time instead of investing it
  • Get clarity on what you really want and desire
  • Get clear on your true purpose
  • Have more structure and more of a plan for the future
  • Create new habits & success rituals
  • Avoid worries
  • Avoid the fear of failure or fear of judgement and allow yourself to expand and take all opportunities in your life and business
  • Create a positive mindset and awareness of your thoughts to help you to be more present and connected with yourself and your trues desires
  • Helping to understand the decision-making process and clarify the choices we are making every day
  • The goals set up-process that will blow your mind because your goals are self-motivating and you don’t need to push yourself hard to achieve the outcome you want



Would You Like To Bring More Focus, Balance Into Your Life So Your Business Will Naturally Grow? Would you like to STOP PROCRASTINATE? STOP BEING DISTRACTED & MAKING EXCUSES?

Would you like to stop BEING WORRIED all the time and start to focus on YOUR SUCCESS & BETTER FUTURE?

  • You will access all parts of your life and develop an amazing planning system that will help you to create full purpose goals and keep you motivated to implement the steps required to achieve them.
  • We will show you how to create the right mindset by knowing how to increase your productivity to give you more certainty in your business results.
  • We will help you to experience a business where you feel more organised to have more time to do what you love
  • We will create a clear picture about your purpose, vision and goals
  • You will experience the deep inner work that involves being radically honest and asking confronting questions of yourself, demand a lot from yourself… and get transformational coaching to be able to uncover your self-limiting beliefs
  • You will understand where your gaps are, know when to ask for help, know when to be vulnerable, and what action steps need to be taken every day to achieve the success you desire
  • We will show you how to implement strategies to feel more connected to your family and friends, and create a glowing and loving relationship
  • We will uncover all limiting beliefs and internal dialogue that are holding back our personal and business growth
  • We will give you clarity around knowing where you need to invest in your own personal growth and expansion


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"Once I truly grasped the concept of controlling the narrative, my business and life experienced a fundamental shift."
Simon Matthews, Owner Seascape Financial Services
Simon Mathews
Seascape Financial Services
"A phenomenal 8 weeks program that addresses all areas of life with research-based methodologies that work. I will highly recommend the program for anyone who knows that there is more to life and wants to take their personal or business development to the next level, together with like-minded people, accountability and exceptional support. Without hesitation, go for it! It is worth it!
Mariana Ardelean
Life Coach