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Well, there has been a huge change in the working environment in the past few weeks and one that not everyone was prepared for that.

Especially when you run a team of 20 plus and previously lead the team from an office environment…..even if your team was all around the world they would have had a proper office place to work from. Corporates around the world use huge offices for their international teams!

The first thing that has changed – corporates can save a lot of money by renting less office space instead of renting the whole office building, they may need only one floor of offices or even less. I believe this will be a huge change in the world and it will be something retained as a positive thing from this crisis for the future. I don’t think they will go back to normal.

This is a new normal.

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Now, we have a new normal but we don’t have trained leaders to provide new leadership in this new environment!!!

Now, is the time when we all need team performance manager and facilitator skills and Team leaders must know what to do now.

Leaders don’t have the time to learn slowly – team members need them NOW more than ever!

Why I am talking about team performance facilitators or team performance managers?

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“A great leader has to be a great team facilitator!”


The leader should be able to recognise the qualities and strengths of each member of his/her team.

Most of the time a team is simply a group of people working in the same office. Each person has his or her own strengths and capabilities. Each could succeed and do great on their own but how can this be used in teamwork?

Such a group needs A FACILITATOR to ensure that each person’s skills are being utilised and that they are working toward the same visions and goals.


“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

We have been working with teams during the training and team building activities designed to increase team performance and productivity well before this crisis.

Fortunately, we’ve already implemented a lot of facilitation, team productivity, communication, self-management and self-motivational training for leaders in our programs and now we are so fortunate to be able to take this online.

We have Business today, worldwide, has teams working from HOME OFFICES and they need our and your support as a human and as a leader in one person!

Be prepared to take a few steps and check if you are taking care of your team in a productive way or you need to hire a team performance manager!

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A short checklist for start!

  1. Team Identity

Be sure your team as a group demonstrates belongingness, a desire to work together, and a sense of clarity around the role of each member especially now working from home. Strong team identity also has high degrees of loyalty. Create some fun activities, not only work activities, during the day that will connect all your team members for discussion or brainstorming on online meetings or create a game, sports or creative challenge that will connect all members in a fun way and they will feel like they are doing something fun together!

  1. Emotions – Motion

Be sure your team is ok. Check on your members individually and ask them how they are, not how their work goes!!! Ask them how they are coping with the new situation, how their home office looks like, how they feel. If one team member is stuck and is able to self-motivate themselves to work and be productive it can bring a negative experience to the whole team and your productivity will go down drastically.

  1. Communication

Be sure you have a communication stream plan. Create this system and structure either digitally or on paper. The system or new structure has to be presented to the team asap and also explained WHY it is important and WHY you are doing it! Keep communication rules very strict! Communicate with your team every day. If not online call them for a quick chat!

  1. The goal set up – planning for the week

Be sure your team has a clear vision and goals for each week. At the same time be sure that your individual team members know what you are expecting from them every week – what their own tasks and goals are for the week. Create a new evaluation process or implement a new tasks software asap.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford


There are many things they have to be done to keep your team working productively from their home office!

I will create more articles about new leadership in the coming days. I look forward to discussing the new normal with everyone. Please leave your comments or feedback or ask questions below.

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