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02 September, 2019

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This is a dedicated series of LIVE weekly masterclass transformational workshops, specifically designed for the modern day business professional, that’s looking to access higher levels of Productivity, Performance, Leadership, Purpose, Drive and Emotional Self Mastery. Whether you’re working with a small team or managing a large corporation, cultivating an environment where people can flourish to achieve outstanding results, comes down to the CULTURE within the organisation, and the LEADERSHIP that drives it. Quantum Leap is the ULTIMATE in High Performance and Leadership Innovation, packed with advanced personal development strategies that will enable you to take your business to new levels...


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau in their personal growth or income, and want to significantly move forward to new levels. Corporate Executives, Managers and seasoned Professionals who are looking to positively impact on the lives of the teams they lead. Beginners and advanced learners, regardless of your level of success or experience in business. People who want to be operating in their “Zone of Genius” rather than doing work that they don’t truly enjoy or resonate with. Anyone who has studied personal development before, but feels like there is still another level of self mastery to obtain, and wants to fully integrate these concepts into their everyday way of being. Curious and passionate learners looking to experience rapid advanced personal development, who are ready to create the next level of awareness and awakening for themselves. Busy people with limited availability, that don’t want to waste time or money on a 'hit and miss' passive approach to personal development. Participants who have previously tried 'self paced' online programs, that have not got the results they were looking for, or lost interest along the way because they don’t have any accountability or personal support. People who want to take their sense of what's possible for their life to a higher level, through practically applying and integrating learnings, rather than just having an intellectual understanding of concepts. Anyone who wants to be part of a community that propels you forward, further and faster than ever before.

QUANTUM LEAP - the place to be

Having a system for high performance that can be applied across any business or department, that aligns the four key dimensions of ENVIRONMENT, STRUCTURE, IMPLEMENTATION and PEOPLE, takes the achievement of incredible results and outcomes, from just a pipe-dream into reality. The Quantum Leap Project, has been designed to equip business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and corporate executives, to become outstanding leaders in their chosen field. By learning and using this conclusive framework for results, you can master the secrets to inspire and lead any team, in any marketplace or organisation.

“The principles of Quantum Leap are imbedded throughout my entire company. These strategies have provided a platform to achieve extraordinary results in one of the toughest economic cycles we’ve ever been through.”
Darren Meakins
Resi Invest

Quantum Leap Project



Building and Maintaining a CULTURE of high performance. We will show you how the law of reciprocity that plays out, when you implement processes that DEVELOP PEOPLE beyond just their jobs and their careers...into tomorrow's future leaders.


Providing STRUCTURES of EXCELLENCE that encourages and inspires outstanding results. Creating STANDARDS for efficiency, and cutting through the bureaucracy that all too often holds individuals, staff and organisation back from achieving optimum performance.


You'll also learn what you can do to identify processes that STREAMLINE COSTS and INCREASE REVENUE. And ways to source and service more of your IDEAL CLIENT or CONTRACTS by utilising BENCHMARK MODELLING to attract and retain the very best staff.

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We didn't want this to be just another self paced program...

So, we created a LIVE weekly MASTERCLASS broadcasts series, with accountability STRUCTURES and tasking exercises, packed with intensive transformational content, designed with the most advanced PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT methods, to bring out the very best in people looking to access their highest level of purpose in LEADERSHIP, PRODUCTIVITY and emotional SELF MASTERY

“Understanding who my ideal client is and how to really connect with them, has made a remarkable difference to closing more sales and increasing my income.”
Lynn Heppell
Albany Prestige Realty

Quantum Leap


Now the Game Plan Excellence Program runs for a full quarter, and is complemented with...

Access to group coaching and mentoring by ME each week for the duration of the course

Lifetime access to the online course portal, where each weeks’ recorded videos and daily tasking exercises are uploaded for easy recall and review

Weekly 90 minute LIVE Masterclasses, split as 60 minutes of lesson content, and 30 minutes of a Q&A session, to help you get the very best out of each new learning phase

Special Pop-ups and Video recordings throughout the program, to help clarify and drill down in the techniques being learned, with tips and guidance for implementation

A series of e-workbooks to accompany the lessons from the LIVE classes

Daily tasking exercises, that break down the weekly Masterclass lessons into bite-sized manageable steps, helping you create new perspectives and habits of excellence.

And a dedicated program coordinator for the duration of your course

Access to the INNER CIRCLE private Facebook community for your class group, where we can share the learning and clarifications along the journey, anda place where all of your questions WILL be answered by ME.

So here’s my top ten reasons to do this course

Realise and Activate your own True Purpose, and cultivate a powerful connection with your inner Higher Self for peak performance and achievement.

Experience an irreversible vertical leap, in the evolution of your consciousness of self and your awareness of others…up until now, I’ve only been sharing this with my 1-on-1 clients

Top productivity boosting practices, to easily save you 5-10 hours per week

Build structures that ensure consistency, and replicability in the systems that get put in place, so you can implement plans and projects with a seamless clarity, ease, and peace of mind right through to completion

How to harness the differences of Divergent and Convergent thinking

Learn how to develop and grow a team with integrated leadership to achieve outstanding results. Learn how to understand and manage the EGO. Both the ego of self and the ego of others in your team (this is one of the most powerful concepts you can master in business) 

Learn how performance management can be both friend and foe

Learn new strategies and  the key to undertaking lasting and effective change with your team, so they’ll back you 100%

A Step by step blueprint to experiencing Emotional Mastery, and advancement in your levels of emotional intelligence

Why it’s so important to have a detailed understanding of your business and the team that it needs, and how to go about creating an environment, where innovation and passion can flourish to bring out the best in your team, to significantly increase profits and revenue capacity.

Our 100% Results Based Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the course, having attended all the live Masterclass broadcasts, worked through and completed all the daily tasking exercises, you’ve tapped into the resources available in the Inner-Circle portal and private Facebook Group, and you’ve accessed the coaching and mentoring available through the group Q&A sessions, If there is no shift in any of the key areas of self assessment from the initial questionnaire, then we will gladly refund you 100% of the course fee.  

Now for these upsides, the investment is something that EVERYONE can afford, with flexible payment options available too

And we limit each course to only 21 participants, to ensure we have continuity in being able to provide the best possible service and facilitation throughout the program. 


There’s only a short time until the start of the next course, and applications for this intake will close once we’ve reached our class limit. 

So if this program is resonating with you, click on the “APPLY HERE NOW” button, and follow the prompts to register your interest, and one of our friendly coordinators will be glad to give you a call to share even more insights, as well as go over the payment options available for you too! 

What are you waiting for?

The world’s performance is not getting better

“Once I truly grasped the concept of controlling the narrative, my business experienced a fundamental shift in the clientele I was attracting.”
Simon Matthews
Seascape Financial Services