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Business coaching program

Group Business Coaching

If you are a business owner, this is the right place for you. We teach you all the strategies and systems you need to immediately implement and grow your business.

Are you ready to grow your business?

This is right for you if…

  • You’re a current business owner 
  • You’re feeling stuck
  • Not sure how to drive your business forward
  • You’ve tried everything and it’s still not working
  • You want to know how to increase $$

Learn how to improve your business. Successful business owners run well-developed strategies, consistent implementation, evaluation and improvement. Business improvement starts with self-awareness and willingness to look at your processes, structures and systems and determine where they might be falling short.

Our signature business accelerator, group coaching and training program “Improve to Influence” is tailored to the client’s needs. It is delivered through training in the Critical alignment model ® and implementation of values-based goals in group training sessions and masterminds. You will have an access to your coach for your individual coaching sessions as a part of the program.


  • Improved thinking patterns and  leadership
  • Build and implement structure and systems for growth
  • Increased leads, conversion and sales
  • Simplify workflow and delivery
  • Improved planning and executing systems
  • Improved Self-management
  • Increased efficiency and  profitability
  • Introduced new measurements in your business
  • Great presentation and facilitation skills

If you have big goals and you need someone in your corner, that’s us. We will guide you through hard decisions and challenges and brainstorm the best ideas around the market, product/service portfolio, pricing, prospecting, sales strategies and marketing mix.


  • Three months of learning, coaching and training introduced by a fortnightly Zoom sessions.
  • Combined with mastermind and ongoing support
  • 9-month implementation support (ongoing)

The course contains 7 modules and additional 9 monthly topics, discussions, brainstorming solutions in business and leadership.

BONUS #1: Videos, audios, workbooks and 15 minutes on-demand laser sessions to speed up your growth.

BONUS #2:  An access to our personal development program, Quantum Leap.


Business accelerator program

As a part of the coaching agreement you will receive:

  • access to a 15 minutes laser session
  • group coaching and mentoring
  • weekly accountability
  • thinking assessment
  • values elicitation that shapes all areas of your life
  • unlimited email support
  • Recorded videos and audios
  • Workbook and worksheets
  • networking

Next Program intakes: 7.1.2022, 12.1.2022, 3.3.2022, 7.7.2022

Next Bootcamp intake: 9-11.6.2022

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