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Coaching Skills for Managers

We believe that every manager and leader should have basic coaching skills.

Why is that important?

The managerial roles require a high self-management and self-leadership skills in the first place. We have to learn to coach and increase our emotional competence to be able to navigate our emotional state at work and help others to achieve their goals.

The next step is how we can influence others, how we can even coach and help people to fulfil their daily tasks, plans and keep them motivated?

With coaching skills, you can.

We will show you frameworks that work the best and we will guide you through coaching cases and show you practically how to use those coaching frames within your team.

This training can be delivered as a one day training virtually or live.

After Coaching skills training you will have ongoing support for the duration of the one month via laser call sessions.

First module

Self-leadership and self-management foundation.

Introduction of the communication model and how we create our reality and perception. Managing emotions and increasing emotional competence. Self-agency, self-efficacy and esteem.

Second module

Why coaching at the workplace and coaching styles you can use.

Learning how coaching can positively influence your work environment, culture and performance. Understanding coaching styles and where to start. Practical exercise, listening and questioning.

Third module

Basic frameworks for coaching and their implementation. How to use some of the profiling tools to help you to uncover the weaknesses and strengths of your team members.

Fourth module

Practical experience and technical coaching skills. Application of coaching and how to recognise that your team member has limiting beliefs or understand what holds him/her back. Values and purpose-based coaching.

All learning materials are provided.


This program was designed by Alexandra Terrey who has 19 years of experience in business and leadership. She dedicated the past 10 years to consistent personal development. Alex is focusing on thinking, behaviour and emotional intelligence in her studies, research and work. Her goal is to bring real transformation for her clients and guide them to high performance and success.

This training session is divided into 4 sessions during the day or offered as a VIP program for leaders.

A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.

– J.Wooden

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