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We have amazing coaches and facilitators and we are going to tailor your training and workshops to your needs.

How does that work?

Before we create a suitable workshop and series of training for you, we must come in and do diagnostic, need analysis and profiling. The short diagnosis can be done over 45 minutes meeting with your top leaders or managers and a few team members.

After diagnosis the team of professional coaches will brainstorm the best program and ideas for you and your team to improve strengths and develop more opportunities.

We will come and present a detailed coaching and training plan or suggestion for your next workshop.

Here are some of the workshops and trainings we have delivered:

This training is introducing a basic meta-dynamics framework for high-performance and healthy organisational culture. By implementing meta-dynamics principles and a critical alignment model you will be able to create a great foundation for high long-term results and sustainable business success. You will achieve high performance, increased productivity and results for your team and corporation. The critical alignment model is a foundation for success.

Learning how to manage ourselves and lead ourselves is the foundation for great leadership. Introduction to self-leadership and self-management. What is the difference between those competencies and why they are necessary for building a great leader. A clear understanding of professional development and its impact on results. Before we start to lead others we need to learn how to manage and lead ourselves and our emotions. Basic mindset and self-regulation principles.

What is leadership, what is your leadership style and where you are at with your leadership skills. Assess your leadership, learn what are the major stages of leadership to be able to improve and move to the next level. By understanding leadership stages and the attributes, thinking and behaviours of each stage, you will be able to develop and learn how to become more influential and how to increase your impact on others around you and your team results.

5 Success principles and thinking frameworks that are used by the most successful people in the world. Learn how to work towards the goal and understand or shift your mindset to achieve your desired outcomes. We must learn principles to become influential and successful not only in our work but also in life. We will learn how to lead by example and all about principles like behavioural flexibility, sensory acuity and physiology. By learning those principles you will be able to manage yourself better and lead yourself to desired outcomes.

We will uncover High-Performance culture-building blocks, frameworks and standards. We will help you to learn how to successfully implement changes within your organisation and team. How to learn to be a better leader, coach and manager for your team members. How to recognise qualities and challenges and behaviours. We will learn how to navigate and lead in change management.

We will help you to build an effective and productive team. We will show you how to replicate the system for high-performance culture and how to create a high-performance with any team you will be assigned to as a leader. You will develop high leadership and coaching skills, learn all about the main human needs and drivers and how to navigate and help your team members in challenging times. Discovery of human thinking and behaviours.

Achieve lasting change in your workplace with practical science-based resilience training. Help employees embrace change during times of uncertainty. Training with teams or individuals to work with difficult emotions, uncertainty and change. Recover from diversity, adapt and thrive. Typically aims to prevent feelings of burnout, lapsed motivation through several different means. All training is delivered to groups or individuals.

Develop effective communication skills. The Effective Communication team building program gives you the tools and insights you need to communicate more effectively at work and communicate more clearly and persuasively with everyone on your team. You’ll improve both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and gain new techniques to help you out in any situation. Unique communication challenges such as email and other virtual communication development.

Ethics Management and Emotional Intelligence – Professionalism in the Workplace is a course covering the key elements of Ethics training and professionalism in the workplace. Our ethics and emotional intelligence training program will help you develop your ability to recognize and promote ethical decisions in the workplace, and identify ethical and unethical actions and behaviours. It will help you to understand how our thinking and behaviour impact others on a daily basis and how we can build “respond” mode instead of “react” or fight and fly mode. Being a professional means acting ethically, demonstrating integrity, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and owning up to mistakes. Ethics training for employees and supervisors can have a significant positive impact on employee behaviour and work-place relationships and results.

Sales training presents an opportunity to learn new sales skills or refresh the basic skills. Training basic skills how to build a rapport, how to read potential clients and understand their needs. Building your self-confidence in sales, your empathy, emotional competence, language and how to handle objections. Understanding sales process and sales conversion. Learn the most important sales skills like self-leadership skills for sales, emotional competence and how to close the deal. Sales training for improvement of sales psychology, language and physiology. Turn your Sales Teams into Well-Oiled Selling Machines with our unique Workshops and interactive training.

It is suitable for anyone working in or moving into a manager position or supervisor role.

The challenge of managing people is both exciting and demanding. Managers play vital role in making sure that team performs. As a manager you must have people skills and management skills to motivate and secure high-performance from the team. Management skills help managers strategically plan and organize their work and work of their team. In this course we will help managers to select their leadership styles suitable for their situation and help them to understand their team members and motivate them. We will show new managers how to delegate, guide high-performance team, running effective team meetings, being assertive, resolving conflicts, coaching and communicating.

Key learning stages and topics:
All training is under the structure and foundation of the Critical alignment model for high-performance

There is no space for the old-time managers and leaders. Those who are running companies only by giving tasks and orders. With this style you will lose all your top performers to your competition. Which will have a direct impact on your revenue and sales. The Critical Alignment model is a stepping stone to a great foundation of abilities which motivate and lead people towards one vision and one goal.

To manage yourself and your team to outstanding results is possible by building a great environment and culture.

You need to develop an ability to motivate people to work towards one vision as a team.

Motivation is a decision and skill.

You must learn how to make your team believe in common values and beliefs that strongly they will take action because they want, and because they are aligned with the organizational vision and mission. They believe in it.

We will show and teach you how to create this high-performance environment and how to manage and develop other team members on those critical principles.

The next step is to develop structures and systems to be able to manage, measure and evaluate people and performance.

We will cover an implementation of the critical alignment model and also some soft skills mentioned below:

Emotional intelligence and soft skills will help you to manage efficiently:

  1. Thinking and Behavioral patterns for success. Profiling tool for managers and their team.                
    We will teach you the basic thinking models that will help you to manage yourself, manage your team effectively and coach your team members if they need any help and improvement. This tool will help you to uncover and discuss weaknesses and gaps with your team members.
  2. Effective Communication. Effective communication with your team, with your managers and with your customers.
  3. Time Management and Prioritizing – work priorities for new managers, manage time, manage essentials of projects
  4. Performance management – leadership styles, manage performance, effective team meetings and great presentations skills, delegate effectively,
  5. Deal and manage difficult situations, Work life balance, Conflict resolution, Stress management

Simplify and solve complex real-world problems. Develop and drive a culture of innovations and high performance. Learn how to approach problems, how to see them with a fresh eye, solve ambiguous problems that affect business and society. Improve profitability and sales. Reduce the time for design or testing, earn customer loyalty, improve work culture and productivity. Develop clear processes and systems for strategic thinking. learn frameworks that will help you to increase your results and speed up your work and decision-making process.

The ability to objectively analyse and evaluate challenges in the ever-changing work environment is vital to success. The complexity of business has increased to the extent that the World Economic Forum identified complex problem solving and critical thinking as the top 2 skills needed for the future of work. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving training strengthen your ability to objectively analyse and evaluate an issue to solve everyday problems in the workplace. Learn a range of proven tools and techniques you can use to identify challenges and respond to them in a structured and considered manner. Gain practical guidance on how to implement these skills in your workplace to make better decisions aligned to business goals.

Engaging and interactive soft skills training. Learn how to use frameworks and how to create decision situations for stakeholders. Explore the hidden forces of decision making and learn how to shape stakeholder behaviours. This session will provide you with skills such as problem-solving techniques and models, navigate risk and uncertainty, evaluate options and behaviours accurately and the ability to recognise several courses of action and choose which to take. Decision-making training is important to increase effectiveness and productivity.

The purpose of any team-building exercise is to build a stronger unit of employees. Team building has many benefits for businesses. It improves productivity, increases employee motivation, encourages collaboration and builds trust and respect among employees.

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your people to work together, strengthen teamwork and communication, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team-building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices.

We first do diagnostic and assessments of what team building might serve you and your team the best. We will show you some unique places and options you can choose from.  After your team building training we will send you a report and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses and strongest team members with specific suggestions for ongoing development and training.

Before financial success can occur. Personal growth must occur”

– J.Rohn

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