Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Limitless Mind

business owner retreat program

$7,500 AUD

This program is specifically designed for successful business owners to consciously unlock their subconscious limitations and patterns that may hold them back, to fully express themselves, and to live with joy and purpose.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.


6th – 8th December 2024


Friday 5:00pm – 8:00pm Arrival
Saturday/Sunday 8:00am – 5:00pm


Spicers Tamarind Retreat | Western Luxury Eastern Trnquility

Maleny, QLD


$7.500 AUD

including accomodation, Full catering package, Pre Event support and Post event 90-day integration program

I am going to demystify the word “spirituality” for you. We will learn the science behind meditation and the body-mind connection. There will be no singing, dancing, or chanting—you don’t need to do any of that to build the connection within. Spirituality is not about rituals; if someone says otherwise, they are lying. If someone insists there’s only one way to become connected within, that’s a falsehood.

First, you need to understand and gain knowledge. Then, based on that knowledge, build your own wisdom by practising what works for you. If someone tells you retreats are essential and you must experience yoga, chanting, sound healing, tea ceremonies, or even psychedelics, that’s a big lie—don’t do it. You don’t need drugs to connect within; you need scientific knowledge and proven frameworks, to allow your mind and body to disconnect from your subconscious limits and connect to your heart and soul.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Imagine knowing how to calm your nervous system and stop operating on un-natural stresses or autopilot

Imagine being so aligned with your values and purpose that there is no unhealthy fear or stress in your life.

our client said

I wish I had listened to my body long before it forced me to stop. It takes courage to discuss things often dismissed as ‘woo-woo.

If you find yourself inwardly crying out for change or guided to seek change, read on.
If you are a successful business owner who has achieved everything in business at the expense of family, health, time, and deep relationships—or all of the above—you may reach a point where you ask yourself…

How much time do I have left? What do I want to achieve? What is truly important now for fulfilment and gratitude?

If this resonates with you, I have prepared a heartfelt, confidential environment for you to begin your journey of self-discovery, to connect within, and to understand how to strive for fulfilment.

What matters to us is creating a safe curated environment; an intimate setting where confidentiality is paramount and where you can feel completely secure, knowing you are among personally selected like-minded individuals seeking similar outcomes. It’s a space that fosters a small community of up to 10 people who become like a family for the next 90 days —individuals you can call or meet or share with, knowing we are all aligned and here to support each other.

This environment guides you safely, dispelling any concerns of a cult-like or superficial experience. It’s a deep and immersive journey tailored to each individual’s needs and deeply personal.

It’s an environment where you’ll leave feeling compelled to return, because the experience was so transformative. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you release your old life and begin a new journey with the right guidance and tools to assist you.
This supportive environment will help you integrate everything you learn into your daily life, embodying your new, authentic self.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Connect to your authentic self and start creating the life you want!

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills in her industry and always provides a service level that is way beyond what is expected. If you are looking to partner with a true professional – Alex is the perfect choice!

Martina Berry
Director, Professionals Rockingham

10 Participants will be interviewed and carefully chosen to attend each retreat

Immersive 2-day transformational experience with 90-day guidance to integrate practices into your daily life.

the weekend experience

On the last day of the weekend event, we will create a personalised plan for you for the next three months – so you can continue your journey and follow the integration stage process.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

The program was very well presented and laid out, it covered many important business and life strategies and topics, designed to help everyone become more successful and fulfilled as a business owner, and as a person, on a daily basis. Highly recommended.

Steve Adam
Clear Vision Finance

outline of the program


You will get access to the online pre-event portal area and WhatsApp group three weeks before the event for preparation, self-reflection and any questions so you can fully prepare and enjoy the weekend.



Understand science behind mind-body-emotions. Shift from running life or business on autopilot and in stress mode to increasing awareness of gaps, energy, and initiating transformation for better results. Increase awareness and self-awareness to influence outcomes and enhance focus.


Enhance clarity and confidence, move away from fight-or-flight mode, unlock limitations, and access subconscious patterns for faster progress with ease. Move beyond two-dimensional living to achieve ease, well-being, and clarity across Mind, Body, Soul, and Energy dimensions, improving overall life experience.


Explore the science behind mind, thoughts, and emotions. Learn about the latest research on the pineal gland, chemicals, emotions, and the brain, and discover and practise techniques to access inner sources of energy.


Develop understanding of behaviours, physical energy, spirituality, and emotions to achieve limitless results from a four-dimensional perspective. Align core needs, values, and vision with your higher self.


Enhance influence and communication by understanding people's needs and fostering deeper connections, enabling creation of desired changes quickly. Shift from competitive to creative mindset, from lack to abundance, and from stress to inner peace. Practice techniques.


Preparation for the Next 90 Days. Action steps to integrate your higher self into daily life and sustain elevated frequency. Includes meditations, Q&A sessions, and an integration plan for the next 90 days, outlining best steps to embody your transformed state.

Weekly reflection practise integration of the new habit, ongoing support via WhatsApp group or phone. Work with an accountability buddy from the group to foster mutual growth. Biweekly access to Limitless Mind your online group for Q&A sessions, insights, and ongoing development. Access to a library of resources and meditations. Personalised practises and mentoring to apply those practises into your life and embodiment of your new self.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Meet Alex terrey

Alex Terrey is a behavioural, emotional, and mindset expert with a passion for human interaction and dynamics. With over 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, Alex has successfully built projects and businesses worldwide, including in Europe, Thailand, the Bahamas, and Australia.

Through a journey of self-discovery, Alex explored conscious leadership, ontological coaching, neuroscience, quantum physics, and energy – pranic -healing. This journey revealed the profound connection between thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. Alex believes true transformation occurs by addressing all four levels of human existence: cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Certified in multiple disciplines, including professional coaching, change consultancy, and behavioural profiling, Alex uses a holistic approach to help individuals unlock their potential. Alex believes that conscious living and leadership are the keys to success and happiness.

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

I highly recommend Alex. Alexandra’s approach to teamwork, leadership and business culture is great and she gets really invested in you and as client. She makes you feel very comfortable about discussing the difficult issues a build a successful team and a positive culture.

Her friendly attitude and work ethic just makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone!

Top coach!!!

Magda Betlem

Alex ran an excellent session for us at RSM Accountants in Rockingham. She was full of knowledge and was able to effectively engage the team in a non intimidating way. Alex has lots of energy and has a very positive attitude to life, and you leave with a good mindset to set about achieving your goals.

Chris Depiazzi
Senior Manager, RSM Australia

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.

Limitless Mind

business owner retreat

Limited to 10 applicants. Expression of interest and interview required.