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If you are an executive or senior leader who wants to lead with confidence, drive positive team results & create high-performing, collaborative & engaging culture…

Then you could be just a few strategies, tactics and best practices away from having the clarity, influence and impact your desire in your leadership.

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Gain access to your 1:1 Leadership Success Planning Session valued at $500. Limited Spots Available!

I’ve just completed a very successful 3 month mentoring engagement with Alex from The Mentoring Effect and highly recommend their services. Following the sessions with Alex, I feel better equipped to approach and manage professional (as well as personal situations) with a clearer and more confident mindset.


On this fast-paced, laser-focused 30-minute High-Impact Leadership Call with our Business & Leadership Strategist we will


Take a look at your current leadership strategy to see what is and isn’t working.​


Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you and your teams back from achieving your full potential.


 Identify what’s possible for you, your teams and your business in the next 90 days.​


Develop a 3-step action plan to get you results in personal leadership and teams’ performance, productivity and communication ASAP.


Explore the potential pathways to help you lead with confidence, drive positive team results & create high-performing, collaborative & engaging culture​

Walk away with your tailor-made high-impact leadership plan so you can start unleashing your leadership potential with clarity, influence and impact.

Gain access to your 1:1 Leadership Success Planning Session valued at $500. Limited Spots Available!

The 21 day course was very well presented and laid out, it covered many important business and life strategies and topics, designed to help everyone become more successful as a business owner, and as a person, on a daily basis. Highly recommended.

Steve Adam
Clear Vision Finance

How Our Approach Works?

CEB method is the foundation for conscious leadership. It is a mastery of all dimensions – mind, emotions, energy and spiritual body for conscious living and leading with purpose. We focus on breaking free from old patterns and transforming old beliefs, moods, feelings and emotions into a higher level of thinking, emotions and behaviours. We will help you to create a sense of inner peace and ease, well-being and confidence to create limitless results in life, health, relationships, career or finance. 

We will help you to achieve a higher performance and effectiveness by utilising brain language, behavioural science, emotional intelligence, values-aligned thinking, healing, social agility and integration techniques.

We focus on BEING and then effectively moving towards “doing and creating.”

You can join us as a member of our like-minded community of leaders who are seeking growth and understanding or  you can join me as a VIP member and experience 3-month private transformational program guided by me and delivered in person or online.

Gain access to your 1:1 Leadership Success Planning Session valued at $500. Limited Spots Available!


Down below, you’re going to be able to see executives and senior leaders that we’ve actually helped successfully lead with confidence, drive positive team results & create high-performing, collaborative & engaging culture.

Some of them have started with us wanting to redesign the culture for their thriving businesses. Others have been in the leadership position for a long time but wanted to develop their teams and their culture even more…

Whichever boat you’re in, the way we help leaders at The Mentoring Effect is unique, and we’ll find the best, fastest, easiest, and surest way to actually get you to where you want to be as a leader.

We got some excellent feedback on your session, the consistent theme was that we could probably have done hours / days on the topic and still only scratched the surface! I really like the fact that, through your session, we have continued and built on a conversation that we started a while back. We spend a lot of time ‘doing the doing’ in our roles, being able to step away from those duties for a time to examine some of our thinking and have that collective wisdom challenged was really valuable. It may not have felt like it but there was some good engagement from officers who traditionally aren’t that forthcoming, think the team are a cautious lot so the format certainly worked for us. A static presentation would have landed with a couple people but as a whole the collective found it more valuable to be engaged in the conversation.

I loved that you were engaged with the room and so readily pivoted to make it meaningful for them. My views are just that, the fact you were able to draw out some value for them as a group in a relatively short interaction speaks volumes to your ability to adapt.

Really appreciate the fact you were able to work with us so quickly and make it meaningful for the team. It will, and should be, an ongoing process but one that I think you’ve helped us build some momentum behind going forward.

Thank you!

Australian Border Force

I highly recommend the Mentoring Effect to improve your leadership skills and business culture. Alexandra’s approach to teamwork, leadership and business culture is great and she gets really invested in you and as client. She makes you feel very comfortable about discussing the difficult issues a build a successful team and a positive culture.

Her friendly attitude and work ethic just makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone!

Top coach!!!

Magda Betlem

Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills in her industry and always provides a service level that is way beyond what is expected. If you are looking to partner with a true professional – Alex is the perfect choice!

Martina Berry
Director, Professionals Rockingham

Alex ran an excellent session for us at RSM Accountants in Rockingham. She was full of knowledge and was able to effectively engage the team in a non intimidating way. Alex has lots of energy and has a very positive attitude to life, and you leave with a good mindset to set about achieving your goals.

Chris Depiazzi
Senior Manager, RSM Australia

Gain access to your 1:1 Leadership Success Planning Session valued at $500. Limited Spots Available!

Explore our life and mindset coaching designed for everyone. Navigate through anxiety and stress, build self-esteem, enrich your relationships, and create a fulfilled life.

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