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Today’s economical and social environment create a set of new beliefs, perceptions and new conditioning that pressure, stress, working hard and being busy is normal. It is not! It is easy to fall behind and stay stuck, exhausted, burnout or confused. And that’s why I am so excited to invite you to join my Inner Circle – a training and mentoring club that gives you tools, strategies, mentoring, accountability and community of people that helps you to go to the next level in your life and career.  My Inner Circle is here to keep you inspired, energised, live authentic life, lead and influence people around you and become a magnet for your desired results in every area of your life.

For those who are prepared to make a great progress and achieve what they want faster than ever, my Inner Circle is the way to get there…

I’d love for you to experience it.


The good news is I can help.

Success takes Consistency! Imagine you can get trained and mentored by the best and you can get 24/7 access to community of driven and authentic leaders, business owners and mentors. Imagine getting our best content, strategies and processes that helps you to feel aligned, authentic, vital and happier again…

Do you think that you could succeed in your life, relationships or career and create life style you want? How much time would you save by applying what works and avoid biggest errors I made in my business and life?

How quickly your life or career change if you got blueprint and the strategy for becoming authentic, living your purpose and reach your desired life-style?

We are on the mission to impact million people and reimagine 100,000 workplaces for Better Future.

Alex’s Inner Circle will give you consistent access to training, mentoring and not only that. You will get access to a new network of highly successful people that creates opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Inner Circle


Create a life style where you can be your true self, create authentic business that will attract the right people like a magnet. Create magnetic attraction without living in resistance and stress.

unleash your

authentic self

Paid event Unleash your authentic self and step into courage and your full potential without doubting yourself ever again.

I’ve just completed a very successful 3 month mentoring engagement with Alex from The Mentoring Effect and highly recommend their services. Following the sessions with Alex, I feel better equipped to approach and manage professional (as well as personal situations) with a clearer and more confident mindset.

Beccy F





Price $49 a month or annual payment of $499 (save $89)



Price $97 a month or annual  payment of $999 (save $165)

10 x weekly training – QL 5 stages of transformation 

Weekly training release – Effective communication

Weekly training release – professional Presentation and Leadership success

Monthly content – personal growth, purposeful life and authenticity

Access to the Inner Circle Training Portal + Exclusive templates and leader’s tools

Access to Inner Circle Community

Access to Inner Circle WhatsApp Exclusive

Monthly Live training and Q&A sessions

Monthly Invitation only live coaching Interventions session

6 times a year access to VIP group coaching and mentoring session

Boost your influence and authenticity with Alex's Inner Circle that helps you to create outstanding results and the life- style you want.

When you become a member of Alex’s Inner Circle you will receive strategies to transform yourself, move away from fear to step into courage and increase your influence.

You are probably asking what is the path of transformation to become a fully authentic and confident leader, manager or business owner living the life-style you dream about?


The journey begins with self-awareness, the cornerstone of personal growth. It's the conscious decision to illuminate the areas of our life and leadership that have remained in the shadows. This stage involves deep introspection and acknowledgment of our strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs and aspirations. As we step out of ignorance and into the light of self-awareness, we lay the foundation for authentic leadership and greater results.


Transitioning from fear to courage is a pivotal leap on the path to becoming an authentic and kind leader or business owner. Fear often inhibits our ability to lead effectively, pushing us into the realms of hesitation and self-doubt. This stage is about recognizing those fears, embracing vulnerability, and summoning the courage to navigate uncharted territories. By conquering fear, we unlock the potential to inspire and empower others. By moving to courage we are creating space to get closer to life-style we dream about and life on our terms.


The shift from being nice to being kind marks a significant transformation in leadership approach. Being nice often involves avoiding conflicts and suppressing our true thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, being kind entails honest communication, setting boundaries, and making decisions that align with the greater good. Embracing kindness involves openness, empathy, and a commitment to authentic connections that foster trust and growth.


Shifting from doubt to confidence is a transformation that solidifies our leadership and life journey. Doubt can hinder decision-making and stifle progress. Confidence, on the other hand, empowers us to make bold choices, trust our intuition, and lead with conviction. This stage is about recognizing our capabilities, valuing our experiences, and cultivating the self-assuredness that radiates through our actions.

Meaning Stage

The final stage of transformation catapults us from conformity to uniqueness. In a world where standing out is often perceived as a risk, embracing our individuality becomes a transformative act of leadership. It's about understanding that our distinct qualities, perspectives, and passions are what set us apart. By celebrating our uniqueness, we inspire others to do the same, fostering a culture that values authenticity and innovation.

Each of these five stages is a profound step towards becoming a kind and authentic human being. The
Journey is not linear; it’s a continuous cycle of growth that propels us towards your fullest potential. As you progress through these stages, you cultivate a leadership style that emanates kindness, fosters growth, and ignites positive change in your work environments, life and beyond.

You not only improve our influence and impact on others, and I mean not only colleagues, employees but also partners, spouses, kids, family and friends. You will become influential, people will love to be around and you and your business will finally release the pressure, remove “push” marketing and sales and you will move towards attracting people, opportunities and the right clients to your life.

inner circle


$49 a month or full annual payment of $499 (save $89)

inner circle


$97 a month or full amount of $999 (save $165)



Alex and her team will go live and create interactive virtual training and Q&A session every month. She will give you strategies to move forward in the area of your life and career. She will open up conversation about topics such as mindfulness, effective communication, vision and values alignment, emotional fitness and more. She will also do 1 on 1 interventions to have a real time transformational coaching experience.


Alex runs her exclusive executive and senior membership leader’s group sessions every week and you will have access to those sessions 6 times a year anytime you choose based on the annual schedule. You will have real time experience of mentoring, coaching, interventions and you will learn proven success tools and frameworks to get immediate success and create the lifestyle and results you want.


As Alex said, if you shift your mindset and emotions you help people around you to shift and all collective emotions and energy shifts and uplift each person in the group. “Your life is a direct reflection of your peer group” said famous Jim Rohn.

We created the Inner Circle members group to network, grow together, support and inspiration to each other and keep each other accountable.



This is something that never really happened before. You will have access to members and also to coaches and mentors every day 365 days a year. You can share your aha moments, insights but also ask questions about integration of the tools into your career and life. We want you to succeed and we realised so many times we want just a quick question to ask and we may not have people around us that can help us to get to the next level. Here you will always have someone who has your back and is willing to go above and beyond for you to grow.


You will have access to the INNER CIRCLE community and you don’t need to spend time on social media to search for the right people. You will have them all here on our platform. You can use the platform whenever you feel alone, you want to connect,network, come to your tribe or learn from others and share your journey and progress.



This is absolutely the first time we are giving you access to all our programs such as Effective communication, Personal growth – Quantum leap, Professional presentation skills, Your journey to happiness, Leadership Success, Business Success and much more. You can choose whatever you need at each moment of your journey of progress.

We created the Inner Circle members group to network, grow together, support and inspiration to each other and keep each other accountable.

The 21 day course was very well presented and laid out, it covered many important business and life strategies and topics, designed to help everyone become more successful as a business owner, and as a person, on a daily basis. Highly recommended.

Steve Adam
Clear Vision Finance

We got some excellent feedback on your session, the consistent theme was that we could probably have done hours / days on the topic and still only scratched the surface! I really like the fact that, through your session, we have continued and built on a conversation that we started a while back. We spend a lot of time ‘doing the doing’ in our roles, being able to step away from those duties for a time to examine some of our thinking and have that collective wisdom challenged was really valuable. It may not have felt like it but there was some good engagement from officers who traditionally aren’t that forthcoming, think the team are a cautious lot so the format certainly worked for us. A static presentation would have landed with a couple people but as a whole the collective found it more valuable to be engaged in the conversation.

I loved that you were engaged with the room and so readily pivoted to make it meaningful for them. My views are just that, the fact you were able to draw out some value for them as a group in a relatively short interaction speaks volumes to your ability to adapt.

Really appreciate the fact you were able to work with us so quickly and make it meaningful for the team. It will, and should be, an ongoing process but one that I think you’ve helped us build some momentum behind going forward.

Thank you!

Australian Border Force

I highly recommend the Mentoring Effect to improve your leadership skills and business culture. Alexandra’s approach to teamwork, leadership and business culture is great and she gets really invested in you and as client. She makes you feel very comfortable about discussing the difficult issues a build a successful team and a positive culture.

Her friendly attitude and work ethic just makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone!

Top coach!!!

Magda Betlem

Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills in her industry and always provides a service level that is way beyond what is expected. If you are looking to partner with a true professional – Alex is the perfect choice!

Martina Berry
Director, Professionals Rockingham

Alex ran an excellent session for us at RSM Accountants in Rockingham. She was full of knowledge and was able to effectively engage the team in a non intimidating way. Alex has lots of energy and has a very positive attitude to life, and you leave with a good mindset to set about achieving your goals.

Chris Depiazzi
Senior Manager, RSM Australia

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