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The Mentoring Effect is here to equip you with emotional fitness tools and resources to live better life. We are an executive and leadership coaching, emotional intelligence and performance training institute empowering people and teams all around the world.  Coaching experience can be transformational. It  empowers and helps you to break free from limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours, unlocking newfound confidence and a deeper sense of self.  Emotional fitness and connection within transform your life, relationships and results sustainable way. 

Today’s business owners, leaders, managers who lead from the deeper understanding and consciousness, recognising that problems are not external but created within, understand functional and dysfunctional behaviours, thinking patterns, emotions and their impact on themselves and others become impactful and successful in their field.

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Over the past 3 months, I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the Mentoring Effect program led by the brilliant Alexandra. Through group mastermind classes, an e-learning platform, and one-on-one sessions, this program has had a profound impact on my inner well-being and given me the tools to cultivate an organizational culture of high performance.

By leveraging brain language, emotional intelligence, values-aligned thinking, and social agility, I’m now able to shift my focus from “being” to “doing” and understand the impact of behaviors, thinking, and emotions on the organization. I firmly believe that this program can help individuals develop their leadership qualities by improving their emotional awareness, interpersonal skills, and values alignment.

If you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills and create a positive impact within your organisation, I highly recommend checking out the Mentoring Effect program.


At The Mentoring Effect, we curate a transformative experience where you unlock extraordinary potential, creating a vision of much greater freedom, power, and love. Our mission is to guide you on the journey to becoming a transformational leader, effortlessly bringing out the best in yourself and others to accelerate your vision.

Experience the profound connection to an authentic power and freedom that allows you to shape life on your terms. Make an extraordinary impact on those you serve and everyone you interact with by simply being you. Unleash the deepest potential within yourself and gain the knowledge to do the same for others. Your transformative journey starts here.

Receive a FREE Live High-Impact Leadership Planning Session

Our Formula For Leadership Success

Our 6-Step Formula

Understanding your brain language filters, your values, beliefs, thinking patterns, preferred communication patterns and attitudes or standards will help you to diagnose where you are at and what your strengths are. These diagnostic tools and self-reflection tools will help you to find gaps and space for improvement.
Becoming an emotionally fit leader will create more ability to create high mental agility, access more intelligence and better decisions making and therefore results. Being an emotionally fit leader will give you space to create better relationships and connect with others on the deeper level.
Understanding how our brain works will improve your critical thinking, reduce stress levels, improve mental agility, resilience, mood, creativity and innovations.
Learning about visible and invisible social interaction and how your body language can influence others and how communication and tonality can help you to improve your confidence, influence and impact.
Understanding people's behaviours, learning styles, energies, and motivations will help you to build an ability to inspire them, to make them feel heard, seen, understood and innovate more. The goal is to create a self-organised team with high trust and collaboration/
Learning how to use new types of measurements such as radiators, or radar and how to create a plan for behavioural improvement and how to track the results is all the next level of performance. You will learn how to implement new behavioural and thinking changes in your team or in your business and how to measure and track improvements and quality of interaction. and what is the most important part of this?

Organisational Health
& High Mental Agility

I’ve just completed a very successful 3 month mentoring engagement with Alex from The Mentoring Effect and highly recommend their services. Following the sessions with Alex, I feel better equipped to approach and manage professional (as well as personal situations) with a clearer and more confident mindset.


What we value & stand for


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” (Aesop) In the heart of our values, kindness infusing every action and state of our existence with care. We are not trying to be nice. We are honest, open and we communicate with respect and transparency. This principle begins with self-kindness – a recognition that nurturing our own well-being is the foundation for soaring to new heights of achievement. We honour our need for rest, movement, nourishment, and soulful alignment, fostering a harmonious balance that fuels our excellence. Our commitment to living and breathing kindness extends beyond our immediate sphere – it envelops our interactions with customers, resonates within our families, and echoes through our every engagement. We extend our hands to help and uplift, provide feedback or raise concerns that nurtures development.


In the heart of our values lies the unwavering commitment to respect – a virtue that forms the foundation of our interactions and relationships. Starting from within, we cultivate a profound respect for ourselves, recognising our inherent worth and embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth. This internal respect fuels our authenticity, our aspirations, and our unwavering belief in our potential. Extending outward, we honour our colleagues and clients with the respect they deserve. We cherish diversity of thought, celebrate individual contributions, and create a tapestry of collaboration where every voice matters. In our interactions, respect is the melody that guides us. It's a handshake that bridges differences, a nod of acknowledgement that honours each person's unique journey, and a commitment to uplifting one another. With respect at our core, we cultivate an environment where trust blossoms, relationships flourish, and the seeds of transformation are sown.


At our core, we are perpetually in motion, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and progress. With each step forward, we pave the way for our own transformation, for the enrichment of our valued customers, and for the betterment of the world around us. We seek a new opportunity to innovate, to surpass our yesterday, and to forge brighter tomorrows. Our dedication to evolution is etched in our DNA, propelling us to continually push boundaries, exceed limits, and redefine what's possible. Flexibility is our ally, enabling us to adapt to changing landscapes and find new avenues for excellence. We shun stagnation and embrace the dance of transformation, fueled by an unquenchable thirst to leave an indelible mark on industries, lives, and the future.

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The 21 day course was very well presented and laid out, it covered many important business and life strategies and topics, designed to help everyone become more successful as a business owner, and as a person, on a daily basis. Highly recommended.

Steve Adam
Clear Vision Finance


Did you know your circumstances and results are direct reflection of your predominant mood and emotions?

Do you recognise the emotion you are feeling? Can you manage those feelings without allowing them to take control of you? Can you motivate yourself to get jobs done? Are you able to recognise when someone else is getting emotional and help them navigate it?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the gateway to living a more fulfilled and happy life.
EI allows you to understand and manage your emotions in order to self-motivate, create and move forward. It will help you to increase your ability to respond instead of react, which is the main objective of our training “Quantum Leap.”

The value and benefits of EI are vast in terms of personal, academic, and professional success.

EI forms the juncture at which cognition and emotion meet, it facilitates your capacity for resilience, motivation, communication, reasoning, empathy, stress management, and ability to navigate social situations and conflicts.

EI helps to lead you on the path to a fulfilled and happy life by providing a framework through which we apply standards of intelligence to emotional responses.

Receive a FREE Live High-Impact Leadership Planning Session

We got some excellent feedback on your session, the consistent theme was that we could probably have done hours / days on the topic and still only scratched the surface! I really like the fact that, through your session, we have continued and built on a conversation that we started a while back. We spend a lot of time ‘doing the doing’ in our roles, being able to step away from those duties for a time to examine some of our thinking and have that collective wisdom challenged was really valuable. It may not have felt like it but there was some good engagement from officers who traditionally aren’t that forthcoming, think the team are a cautious lot so the format certainly worked for us. A static presentation would have landed with a couple people but as a whole the collective found it more valuable to be engaged in the conversation.

I loved that you were engaged with the room and so readily pivoted to make it meaningful for them. My views are just that, the fact you were able to draw out some value for them as a group in a relatively short interaction speaks volumes to your ability to adapt.

Really appreciate the fact you were able to work with us so quickly and make it meaningful for the team. It will, and should be, an ongoing process but one that I think you’ve helped us build some momentum behind going forward.

Thank you!

Australian Border Force

I highly recommend the Mentoring Effect to improve your leadership skills and business culture. Alexandra’s approach to teamwork, leadership and business culture is great and she gets really invested in you and as client. She makes you feel very comfortable about discussing the difficult issues a build a successful team and a positive culture.

Her friendly attitude and work ethic just makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone!

Top coach!!!

Magda Betlem

Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills in her industry and always provides a service level that is way beyond what is expected. If you are looking to partner with a true professional – Alex is the perfect choice!

Martina Berry
Director, Professionals Rockingham

Alex ran an excellent session for us at RSM Accountants in Rockingham. She was full of knowledge and was able to effectively engage the team in a non intimidating way. Alex has lots of energy and has a very positive attitude to life, and you leave with a good mindset to set about achieving your goals.

Chris Depiazzi
Senior Manager, RSM Australia

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