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How to keep remote employees engaged?

The world is changing, leaders should adapt and innovate.

We see a lot of businesses going down and the same time a lot of businesses fire up, evolve and innovate!

The question is, where will you and your business like to be in 2022? Are you going to innovate or are you going to wait and bankrupt!

A few corporates and business giants shifted into remote work months ago. For most of the world, remote work is still something new. The digital age has already driven many businesses to set structures in place to support this change and they are probably ahead of the world.

Organisations and leaders have been redefining how and where work gets done.

Today, high-performing organizations operate more like empowered networks than traditional corporate hierarchies. That’s how and why our new type of employees – REMOTE WORKERS – have developed.

A lot of organisations were allowing employees to work at home occasionally (in the US almost 60%), and around 38% of organisations allow some workers to do so regularly. These rates have drastically increased over the past few weeks.

Imagine if every time you hired someone, you hired the absolute best person for the role, regardless of where they were located. You would be able to recruit the best of the best.

Expanding geographically and diversifies thoughts, choices and opinions make some of the most innovative and successful companies.

More companies and more people enter the world of remote work, flexible work arrangements, lower costs, the convenience of online meetings will become a necessity for businesses success.

The biggest positive of working remotely is having a career with the freedom to take control of personal time and create a higher quality of priorities and values and helps people to find their real purpose. Making this work and life balance right makes employees happier and healthier and that has a huge influence on team and leader’s performance!

Imagine, just the small miracle to give your employees a bit of freedom and time flexibility can make your teamwork better and increase your team’s performance and productivity and achieve better results.

Of course, you can’t just send your employees home and tell them to continue working! This decision is coming with challenges as every decision around the system and procedures change.

Keep remote employees engaged:


Set expectations about communication and keep a remote team “on the same page.” Create communication guidelines, procedures, systems from the very beginning. Create a clear plan about who should be involved in what communication, how to communicate what technology to use etc. A good communication plan will also discuss which formats are preferred for different types of communication. For example, when is it OK to use chat over email, and when is a phone call best practice? Don’t forget to set up a timeline or time slots around the regular meetings and scheduled check-ins, evaluation meetings, presentations and what you are expecting from your team members to present.


I wrote about this in my last article. Be sure your team knows where they are going as a team and as an individual. Be sure they know how important they are in the team goals and achievements. How their work is influencing other’s results.



Technology is the most important component of going online, virtualising and working remotely.

We are using a few different software or platforms they are helping us to communicate.


This is the go-to office productivity suite for most companies that rely on collaboration for success. We are using G-suite from the beginning. Google Docs is one of the applications included in the G Suite and allows you to share content with anyone in your organisation. You can work on the same document at the same time, comment, edit or provide feedback as needed. You can manage access to documents. As an example, we have blocked Corporate file from all members and it is visible only to directors of our company.

We are using Zoom, Asana, Teams, HubSpot and we used to manage through Slack a lot.

Zoom is an amazing platform for running meetings, webinars, seminars, presentations or one-on-one meetings.

Remote Work is Revolutionary

Remote workers are on the rise. The nature of work is changing. Expenses are decreasing and knowledge and connections increasing! Today, there are no geographic boundaries to share, collaborate, achieve and innovate together!!!

Alexandra Terrey (Holcbarova)