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Why leadership skills?

Why focus so much on soft skills and team building?

There is a lot of research around leadership skills, soft skills and emotional intelligence done. And more than 50 years of studies and research on how those skills are impacting your revenue and sales.

Deloitte research shows that consistent leadership and soft skills training increase your revenue by $90,000. Harvard business research shows that consistent leadership, emotional intelligence and soft skills training for your employees will increase your revenue by 130%.

Whether you’re working with a small team or managing a large corporation, cultivating an environment where people can flourish to achieve outstanding results, comes down to the CULTURE within the organisation, and the LEADERSHIP that drives it.

Conscious Leadership Excellence Program is the ULTIMATE in High Performance and Leadership Innovation, packed with advanced personal development strategies that will enable you to take your business or organisation to new levels.


By shifting your thinking patterns, attitude, behavioural patterns, values and limiting beliefs you will experience a massive positive shift in performance, emotional competence and the outcome.

Who can benefit from this program?

Emerging Leaders, Middle-managers or Senior leaders.

Key Benefits:

  • Build impactful leadership that will increase profitability of your company
  • Build influence and strong relationships
  • Recognise the gaps in your thinking and behaviour and get clear on where you need to give more focused attention.
  • Manage and lead yourself and your team efficiently
  • Improve personal wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Build conscious awareness of your thinking
  • Get clarity on what your team needs for better communication and high performance
  • Create an excellent structure for planning and evaluating
  • Learn presentation and facilitation skills
  • Create a positive mindset and awareness of your thoughts to help you to be more present and connected with yourself and your team.
  • Understand the decision-making process and clarify the choices and areas we have to identify for high quality decisions.
  • Understand the team members’ thinking, archetypes, gaps, strengths and drivers.
  • Create a high-performance team and culture