Unleash Your Authentic Self

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UNLEASH your authentic self

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UNLEASH Your Authentic Self

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Embarking on a journey of self-discovery requires courage and a willingness to explore the depths of our being. “Unleash Your Authentic Self” offers a series of weekly reflections designed to facilitate profound personal growth and transformation. These questions delve into the shadows, inviting you to confront and understand your darker aspects. They uncover ego-driven actions and behaviours, providing a path towards making peace with your ‘bad side’.

By embracing and integrating all facets of yourself, you pave the way for genuine, lasting change. Each inquiry encourages introspection and vulnerability. They lead you to recall pivotal moments of vulnerability, explore recurring dreams or fantasies, and examine times when ego may have influenced your actions. This process allows for a deeper comprehension of insecurities, fears, and hidden strengths that shape your character.

Through this reflective practice, you’ll learn to approach your past mistakes with compassion and forgiveness. You’ll also identify patterns that may have remained concealed, fostering a more authentic and transparent self-expression. “Unleash Your Authentic Self” provides a safe space for self-discovery, allowing you to cultivate a stronger, more integrated sense of self.

Leadership and culture change


which helps you to improve awareness and self-awareness.


knowledge and tools to shift mindset, emotional state and perception to create from space of intuition and authenticity.


set of tools and practices that helps you to create a state of flow and become fully authentic.

We got some excellent feedback on your session, the consistent theme was that we could probably have done hours / days on the topic and still only scratched the surface! I really like the fact that, through your session, we have continued and built on a conversation that we started a while back. We spend a lot of time ‘doing the doing’ in our roles, being able to step away from those duties for a time to examine some of our thinking and have that collective wisdom challenged was really valuable. It may not have felt like it but there was some good engagement from officers who traditionally aren’t that forthcoming, think the team are a cautious lot so the format certainly worked for us. A static presentation would have landed with a couple people but as a whole the collective found it more valuable to be engaged in the conversation.

I loved that you were engaged with the room and so readily pivoted to make it meaningful for them. My views are just that, the fact you were able to draw out some value for them as a group in a relatively short interaction speaks volumes to your ability to adapt.

Really appreciate the fact you were able to work with us so quickly and make it meaningful for the team. It will, and should be, an ongoing process but one that I think you’ve helped us build some momentum behind going forward.

Thank you!

Australian Border Force

I highly recommend the Mentoring Effect to improve your leadership skills and business culture. Alexandra’s approach to teamwork, leadership and business culture is great and she gets really invested in you and as client. She makes you feel very comfortable about discussing the difficult issues a build a successful team and a positive culture.

Her friendly attitude and work ethic just makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone!

Top coach!!!

Magda Betlem

Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skills in her industry and always provides a service level that is way beyond what is expected. If you are looking to partner with a true professional – Alex is the perfect choice!

Martina Berry
Director, Professionals Rockingham

Alex ran an excellent session for us at RSM Accountants in Rockingham. She was full of knowledge and was able to effectively engage the team in a non intimidating way. Alex has lots of energy and has a very positive attitude to life, and you leave with a good mindset to set about achieving your goals.

Chris Depiazzi
Senior Manager, RSM Australia